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Carton Gluers & Diecutters

Another major part of our business is the supply of used carton and box making equipment encompassing diecutting and folding carton gluers.

Bobst carton and box making equipment: SP900E, SP102E, SP1080E, SP1120, SP1260E to SP142E

Without doubt the largest manufacturer of this type of equipment in the world is Bobst from Switzerland. The main models we handle are the SP900E, the SP1080E, SP1120E, and SP1260E up to the SP142E. Probably the most popular model on the used market now is the SP102E, which has a maximum sheet size of 72 x 102 cm and like the previous models mentioned has a fully in-line stripping station.

Bobst carton glueing machines: Bobst Domino

Bobst is also one of the world leaders in carton glueing machines, the main range we handle here are the Bobst Domino models, which are extremely popular throughout the world’s carton manufacturers.

Bobst and Steuer: hot foil stamping

Bobst and Steuer have been combining to create a large range of machines available for the hot foil stamping market. The processes can be flat-flat, round-flat or round-round and the Bobst Foilmaster, the Steuer PZ and the Steuer Foiljet are available in sheet widths of 76, 82, 90, 102, 104 and 126 cm. All the machines are ideal for short, medium or long runs.

Gietz FSA: sheet fed hot foil stamping machines

The Swiss manufactured Gietz FSA range of sheet fed hot foil stamping machines are based on platen press technology and again this company has proved to be very successful in selling hot foil stamping machines to the world markets.

Available on the model ROFO 870 are web fed foil stamping, hologram transfer, embossing and die cutting of paper, board and plastic foils. Again these machines are based on platen press technology and supreme stamping results are possible. The ROFO 870 has a web width of up to 910 mm and repeat lengths adjustable up to 765 mm. Top speeds of 85 m/min are obtainable according to the manufacturer.

Sanwa cutting and creasing platens

As an alternative to Bobst we can also offer Sanwa automatic cutting and creasing platens, which are produced in Japan. Sanwa are one of the leading suppliers of cutting and creasing machinery to the folding carton, corrugates, paper and flexible packaging industries. The Sanwa machine range is split into the following size formats: TRP820, TRP1060, TRP1150 and TRP1300. Machines can either be supplied with stripping and/or blanking unit, with speeds of up 7,000 – 8,000 sheets/per. The Sanwa range has a very good name on the second hand market.

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