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UV coating machinery and silk screen printing machinery

The main manufacturers in the UV coating category are Steinemann, Billhöfer, Sakurai, and SPS.

Steinemann UV coaters are made in Switzerland, Billhöfer in Germany, Sakurai in Japan and SPS are manufactured in Germany.

Steinemann surface coating machines

Steinemann Topspot, Steinemann Hibis, Steinemann Lotus, Steinemann Colibri 102, Steinemann Colibri Junior, Steinemann Colibri 104, Steinemann Colibri 72, Steinemann Uvimat 86, Steinemann Uvimat 126, Steinemann Uvimat 102

The Steinemann machines are leaders in surface coaters with UV drying, the main model we handle are the Colibri 102, Steinemann Colibri 72 , the Steinemann Uvimat 86 and the Steinemann Uvimat 126. Steinemann also produce excellent spot/surface coating machines with UV drying which is the world renowned Steinemann Topspot 102. We have recently installed Steinemann machines of this type in Africa, Australia and Denmark and they are all in production producing good quality work.

Billhofer coating equipment

Billhofer Speed 76, Billhofer Pala Speed, Billhofer Partiomat

The main Billhöfer coating equipment we handle is the Speed 76 surface coater with UV drying which has a maximum sheet size of 76 x 114cm, and is a fully equipped machine and again these Billhofer machines are running in many of the leading print finishing houses throughout the world.

Sakurai spot coating UV drying machines

Sakurai Maestro 72A, Sakurai 80A and Sakurai 102AII and Sakurai SC series

The Sakurai spot coating UV drying machine is probably the most used machine for the spot coating market for print finishers, GPFE Equipment Ltd has supplied many of Sakurai's machines on a used basis worldwide which are all running to good effect.

Global Print Finishing Equipment Ltd with its wide experience of all the above equipment can offer the best advise on choosing a UV coater for each individual customer's particular requirements.

Screen printing machines

The two manufacturers of screen printing machines we handle are Sakurai from Japan and SPS from Germany. These are the world leaders in the industry and when fitted with UV dryers and automatic stackers are ideal for producing spot coated work. In fact, most of the machines of this type that we sell to our world markets are used in the spot coating industry.

Sakurai screen printing machines

The new Sakurai Maestro 72A, Sakurai 80A and Sakurai 102AII

The latest Sakurai machines on the market handling a sheet size from 520 x 720 mm up to 750 x 1050 mm.

Sakurai SC Series

We still regularly sell the older type SC series of automatic cylinder presses, which handle sheet sizes from 520 x 720 mm, up to a maximum of 1020 x 1420 mm. Running speeds vary between 800 up to 3,500 sheets per hour, dependent upon stock

SPS screen printing machines

SPS, SPS Vitessa, SPS Rehmus

The SPS screen printing cylinder is again a very popular machine on the used market and as early as 1957 SPS Rehmus launched the first screen printing presses based on the spot cylinder principle.

The main presses we handle which are used mainly in the spot/UV industry are the SPS Vitessa models with SPS UV and combi jet dryers, with automatic stackers. They are equipped with advanced electronic controls and the typical self-adjusting squeegee system, ensuring perfect control of the printed image and giving a uniform layer of ink or varnish at the start of the print to the end stroke.

Screen printing / coating machinery stock list

UV coaters sold and recently installed:

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