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Film laminating machinery

We mainly handle the Billhöfer EK and FK film laminating machinery and the Paperplast 76 and 102 models. On thermal laminations we mainly handle the Paperplast Dry 76 film laminating machinery and for thermal Billhöfer equipment we mainly handle the TS76 models.

Both manufacturers make film laminating machines of a very high standard, which produce good quality film lamination on paper and cardboard. Both the Billhöfer and the Paperplast range of equipment can be relied upon to laminate to a high standard with a good operating speed.

Global Print Finishing Equipment Ltd have a wide experience of the Billhöfer and Paperplast film laminating machines, having installed machines on a site to site basis to most parts of the world including North America, South America and Eastern Europe. We are in touch with all of the print finishing houses in Europe, which is our main source of used film laminating equipment. We also recondition the used laminators of some of the major print finishing houses in the UK, bringing back machines to a very high standard using parts from the manufacturers and the finished reconditioned machinery has been very well accepted in the marketplace.

Global Print Finishing Equipment Ltd is always available to give the best advice on choosing a particular film laminating machine for each customer's particular purpose.

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