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Hot foil stamping / gold blocking machines: current and recent stock

Hot foil stamping


  • 1997 Bobst SP76-BM, 76 x 56 cm, hot foil stamping platen, (refurbished 2012), max sheet size 760 x 560mm, min sheet size 300 x 260mm, speed up to 7,000sph, stock handled 80-600gsm, corrugated board up to 1.8mm, automatic pile suction feeder, fully automatic stacker.


  • Heidelberg CAVOMIT, 54 x 72 cm, Cavomit hot foil stamping cylinder, sheet size 54 x 72cm, cylinder type, automatic pile suction feeder, continuous delivery, foiling & slitting equipment for foils. (8701)


  • Johannisberg 104S, 73 x 104 cm, hot foil stamping cylinder, , 4 heating zones, 4 automatic rewinds, honeycomb base, letterpress conversion of software (8523)


  • 1998 Starfoil hot foil stamping cylinder, 73 x 104 cm, automatic pile suction feeder continuous delivery, 2 foil unwind bars, two rewind programmable foil pulls, 6 heating zones, pre-load table, interlocked guards (8331)


  • 2006 Steuer PZ104H, 73 x 104 cm, min sheet size 36 x 52 cm, automatic pile suction feeder, feeder pile height 1.8 m delivery pile height 0.6 m, 4 heating zones, 4 programmatic foil pulls, 3 honeycomb base plates (8468)

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