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Miscellaneous print finishing equipment: current and recent stock



  • 2004 Carint CLP 1508, 101, 7 colour, web width 1010mm, printing width 1000mm, speed up to 300m/min, max repeat 670mm, min repeat 360mm, sleeves, cylinders, gears, max rewind 800mm, semi automatic splicer & winder, automatic splice rewinder, web guide. (8669)


  • 2009 Chim Chim 92, 0, Chim 92 M4 Cycle automatic screen cleaner, Ghostmatic (8813)


  • 1997 CMR ROTOSPEED 3000, 83, 8 colour, web width 830mm, print weight 820mm, max mechanical speed up to 250m/min, max repeat length 800mm, min repeat length 400mm, shaftless cylinders, gears, max rewind 1000mm, automatic splice rewinder, web guide, Eltromat Selectra. (8668)


  • 1999 Nordmecannica CMF FLEXI 6, 101, 6 colours, web width 1010mm, print width 1000mm, mechanical speed up to 300m/min, max repeat length 1000mm, min repeat length 300m, mixed sleeves & cylinders, gears, max rewind 800mm, web guide on unwind & rewind. (8670)


  • 2000 Polar 115 ED-AT, 115, fully programmatic guillotine, air float table, max working width 115cm, side tables, Schneider Senator GL pile lifter, Polar L600 (1995) pile lifter, Polar jogger RB4 (1999) (8755)
  • 1981 Polar 115EMC, 115, fully programmatic guillotine, max cut width 115cm, air float table, fully automatic back gauge. (8740)

Andreotti Rotostar

  • 1993 (refurbished 2010) Andreotti Rotostar Rotapak 15/35, 100, 9 colour gravure press (1 unit 2002), max print width 1000mm, web width 1020mm, web width min 500m, print repeats 350-860mm, printing speed up to 250m/min, unwind/rewind diam 800mm, min diam for automatic flying splice 450mm, (8643)

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