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Envelope machines

Our Managing Director, Raymond Gomersall, has been involved in the used envelope making machinery business for over 35 years and was in fact, the first person to encourage major envelope manufacturers such as John Dickinson and Wiggins Teape Stationery to re-sell their old equipment, rather than break it up.

There are two main manufacturers of envelope making machinery throughout the world; Winkler and Dunnebier from Germany and F L Smith from the USA. The selling of used envelope making machines soon became a very popular line and Raymond Gomersall was instrumental in setting up many new start ups throughout the world, several of whom have gone on to be very large manufacturers of envelopes worldwide.

Winkler and Dunnebier manufacture both reel and blank fed envelope machines for envelope production. Machines can be purchased with or without window stations, and are normally equipped with up to four flexography print units.

For the production of blank fed wallet and window envelopes, the models W & D 328GS, W & D 327GS and W & D 227GS have long been established servants to the envelope industry. The latest envelope machines of this type are the W & D 627GS and W & D 527GS. The most popular machines in the reel fed range for wallet and window envelopes are the W & D 202, W & D 102, W & D 3900, W & D 38CS and W & D 38GS. Most of these envelope machines can be fitted with latex stations for the production of self-seal envelopes.

For the offset printing of envelopes, the Winkler and Dunnebier models W & D 214 and W & D 212 are the market leaders. It is possible to print on both sides of the envelope in one pass at speeds of up to 24,000 envelopes per hour where necessary. Winkler and Dünnebier also produce manual cutting presses for the punching out of envelope blanks for their blank fed range of machinery, these models are W & D 83 hydraulic rise and fall cutting presses.

For the envelope production of pocket type envelopes, these can be supplied by W & D in either reel or blank form. For reel fed production the models W & D 249 and W & D 246 are relevant, the blank fed envelope machines that are produced are W & D149L, W & D 49L and W & D 46L. Again, all these machines can be supplied with flexographic in-line print units.

The main competitor to W & D is F L Smithe who are an old established envelope machine manufacturer from the USA. The blank fed window and non-window machines that are produced are the models FL Smithe RA800 or FL Smithe RA600. Again these machines can be supplied with in-line print units and speeds of up to 600 envelopes per minute can be achieved. The RA800 and RA600 can also be supplied in reel fed and give speeds up to 800 envelopes per minute.

Another market leader in the envelope industry is the reel fed Smithe RO machine with window station, dextrine gumming and in-line print units, which is a high speed competitor to the Winker & Dünnebier 102 envelope machine. The recognised F L Smithe cutting press in the envelope making industry is the PHP which facilitates the accurate and high speed cutting of envelope blanks.

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